I had to reinstall and reconfig my Thunderbird today, and I had some trouble with my student emailaccount. It’s a pitty, because the data on the tutorial of our computer-center is out-dated. The wizard of Thunderbird is messing around with the config, maybe because the mailservers are behaving strangely. So, here is how to configure your Thunderbird for uxxxx@student.kit.edu-accounts:

  1. Go to Account Settings in Thunderbird
  2. Use Add Mail Account
  3. Enter Name, your aress (e.G. uabcd@student.kit.edu) and your password
  4. Hit Continue Thunderbird will tell you, that it “failed to find the settings for your email account.” But thats ok.
  5. Incoming: imap.kit.edu, Port 993, SSL/TLS, Authentication NTLM
  6. Outgoing: smtp.kit.edu, Port 25, STARTLS, Authentication Normal Password
  7. Username: uxxxx (no @student.kit.edu)

Have fun!

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08 August 2012