I do have an Acer 1810TZ with Windows 7 and sometimes I do want to watch a 1080p video file. The problem is, I neither have the required CPU-Power, nor hardware acceleration for full HD. Videocodecs are designed to decode videofiles in sequential order, which makes total sense. But in my case, I want to drop some of the frames, so I can watch my video, without laggs. Here is how it works:

Usually I’m a big fan of VLC, but I couldn’t figure out, how to replace the codec for MKVs, so here is how to do it with Windows Media Player and some custom codecs.

  1. Install MatrosakSplitter, so you can open MKV-files with Windows Mediaplayer.
  2. Install ffdshow-tryout, a codec package with a bunch of settings.
  3. Choose Config video-decoder
  4. Go to Decoder Options
  5. You find a value named Skip pictures… which has a value if 1500ms. Change it to 10ms.
  6. Apply
  7. Open any MKV with your windows media player.

Of course, the quality is not the same as on a real full HD device, but it’s better than a laggy video ;)


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08 August 2012