After I installed the ‘hibernate’ package on my Ubuntu 12.04 (kernel 3.2.0-32-generic), my system didn’t start any more. A real shock for me! My beloved system with all my configurations! When I checked the log, I found this:

libcrypt version: 1.5.0 Could not stat the resume device file /dev/dm-0 Please type in the full path name to try again or press enter to boot the system

I googled a little bit with my smartphone: It looks like, that my encrypted swap partition is the source of the problem. The solution:

  1. Boot an old kernel version in recover mode
  2. Continue with normal boot process, so you will gain a fully mounted filesystem
  3. run ‘sudo apt-get remove hibernate uswsusp’
  4. restart with latest kernel :)

There is another solution, which includes swapping kernels in your boot partition, but I don’t think it’s necesarry.

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03 November 2012