I attend the lecture Multilingual Human-Machine Communication of Prof. Schulz. It’s really interesting, because you get in touch with topics, you normally don’t think about as a computer science student. For example: How does the brain work, why are we able to speak and how do we learn it?

I just read the Paper “Why Speaking Is so Easy? Because Talking Is Like Walking with a Mouth” by Olli Aaltonen and Esa Uusipaikka. One paragraph is really interesting and that’s why I want to share it here:

Life is nothing different from perceive and change environment. Any being has to know, how to react on different situations in order to survive and reproduce. To speed-up these situations these beings need some kind of abstraction of the environment. Decisions (or better: reactions) can be done really fast. So basically brains help animals and humans to co-ordinate their actions in an environment, that is changing continuously in order to live as long as possible by avoiding predators and other hazards. “Thus the brain must have evolved to co-ordinate the actions of the body, and not teleologically to control them. Thus the brain is a coordinator rather than a controller”. The brain functions only as a central point of co-ordination to achieve the above-named goals. “Accordingly, the body is the ultimate master instead of being a vehicle that the brain controls for its own purposes. The brain alone does not have any goals.”

I highly recommend you to read the complete paper.

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02 May 2013