You may have a RSS Podcatcher which pull multiple feeds from one content provider. In my case a very good German radio station called Dradio Wissen. There are multiple categories and a feed for each categories. Some entries appear in multiple streams, because they fit in in multiple categories. I recentyl installed XBMC and I want a single feed, that contains all categories of the provider, but no duplicate entries.

So here is a quick solution how to address this problem:

  1. Got to Yahoo pipes and create a new pipe
  2. Create a FetchData operation for each feed you want to merge. The path to the item is channel.item
  3. Bring them togehter with a union element (you’ll find it in the category Operators)
  4. Use the Unique Operator to filter duplicates. Use item.enclosure.url to detect duplicates
  5. Use the Sort operator to re-order the feeds in the correct order (item.pubDate, descending)

Yahoo pipes

Et voilà! Thats it, you are done. Run your pipe and get the result as XML and include it in your client. You can see my pipe under as an example.

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29 May 2013