The past four days have been a time full of interesting sessions on a variety of topics. I am looking forward to attend the conference in Manchester 2016 :)

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I just wanted to list some of them to stress the diversity of the ESOF conference talks :)

  • Robotics for next-generation ocean science
  • Neuroenhancement: a true unfolding of man
  • Fact based world view
  • The billion-dollar big brain project: where are we going with our brains?
  • Controlling single photos in a box: a long scientific adventure
  • What is life? Revisited
  • Computing - a 21st Century literacy
  • A bio-based society: the vision and how we get there
  • Picnic with the Prof - Poul Holm
  • What do satellites tell us about our cities?
  • From the deep ocean to the web of life: pressure and change acros ecosystems
  • A liveable city: myths and realities
  • The urban square: aesthetics meets minds
  • Accelerated learning for success
  • Sould science always be open?
  • Livable cities for the 21st Century - from research to real life!
  • Europe’s North - research in the Arctic region
  • Young scientists fighting age-related diseases
  • Nudges and Public Policy

Also Copenhagen is a super beaufitul city and it is a lot of fun to ride the bike through the city.

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26 June 2014