I am transitioning to use a SmartCard (YubiKey) for encryption and signatures (GnuPG). Now I want to use the device to authenticate my SSH connections. Therefore I need to convert the PGP key that is on the smartcard to a public SSH key, which you can do via gpgkey2ssh YOUR-KEY-ID. That yielded in the following error for me:

Assertion failed: ((algorithm_id == 1) || (algorithm_id == 17)), function main, file gpgkey2ssh.c, line 280.
[1]    63084 abort      ./gpgkey2ssh c97c1eab

There are several posts that all could not help me. Turns out, that you have to put your key IDs in ALL-CAPS.

I can recommend these guides for bootstrapping your YubiKey:

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05 November 2016